Motion-Graphic educational spot for HIPP, a dairy baby food company.



Motion design helps to understand story fast & easy way.

HIPP baby food products are well known in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I was thrilled to get in touch with such a great client. And I was even more enthusiastic when we started to discuss basic project ideas with complete freedom of my own artistic style and technical workflow to meet the clients’ expectations. ‘ David says.

The task was simple – produced modern-looking self-explain educational video spot, which will explain why are Probiotics and Prebiotics healthy for your baby (and for your self as well).

The basic story was created by great writer Lenka Belko, who participated as consultant director of this animation.

With free space for creativity, David started to develop design look – a series of illustrations, mood-boards & storyboards. After the client and director-approved look style, David started to work on the first draft of animation – ‘animatic’. Step by step with pre-recorded Voice Over David were building a visual story, simple and clean as much as possible.

‘With a few challenges and re-animating work on the way, the final video took over 5 weeks of my production time including the development. I’m really happy with the final result.’ David says. ‘..and the client was happy as well. So well, that HIPP started using my designs for HIPP products as well in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.’




  • PRODUCTION: David Havel
  • PRODUCER: Ladislav Báča
  • WRITER: Lenka Belko
  • OUR WORK: Storyboard, Design, Animation & Production by David Havel
  • PRODUCTION DATE: March 2018