MIRACLE FILM moved into a new office space in Prague Center, near by Charles bridge at fall 2011. Historical re-constructed middle-sized flat with height ceiling was perfect for in-side wood-metal base construction for office /and film production/ stuff, and for occasional over-sleep.


David prepared a CG pre-visualisation of the new space with the industry looking construction for the client – and she love it very much. David started immediately with preparations. Extra request came from client during the blueprint stage – construction needs to be easily de-installed.



Work started after 2 week of preparation – more planing, logistic /busy center/, and supplies orders. Construction were created on the spot, at the flat space. Base construction took whole week. Finishing the next one. Wood construction was finish on time – in rough stage as was planned, with-out any extra polishing or applying any paint on wood, or on metal parts, in order to achieve right industrial look.


This was the very first self-production wood-work for David and it was successful.



  • OUR WORK: Architecture design & blueprints, Construction
  • Designer & Architect, Wood Worker: David Havel
  • Wood Worker: Zdenek Havel st. st.
  • Driver: Zdenek Psutka
  • Assistant: Patrik Jencik
  • PRODUCTION DATE: Winter 2011-12


Note /spring 2014/: MIRACLE FILM moved to a new space near by this office. De-installation of construction was successful, done by David. “It was quite easy as was planned from the begging, I was happy. All parts will be use on the next projects…” David adds /Wood-Floor in a new office, and puppet exhibition for Little from the Fish Shop/