MIRACLE FILM — Design and Web /2012-2015/

During a years 2012-2015 David Havel join MIRACLE FILM production company, where he help co-develop, produced a distribute short and feature films.

David was hire by owner of MIRACLE FILM, by Nelly D. Jenčíková as the Supervisor of a animated stop-motion feature Little from the Fish Shop /Malá z rybárny, 2015 Czech Republic and Slovakia/.

MIRACLE FILM production studio was founded in 1994 to provide services to foreign film companies as well as to develop and produce TV projects, commercials and feature films, both local and foreign production. With over 25 years of experience, the company pays great attention to researching and optioning quality literary materials for its own production, as well as closely following issues of international co-production financing and marketing of films produced in Czech majority. Currently, the company primarily focuses on the development and realization of their own cross-media projects.

A significant place in the company portfolio belongs to animated projects, designed for both children and adults. Miracle Film currently produces an animated puppet feature film directed by Jan Balej “Little from the Fish Shop”, two feature films – a crime comedy “Senior Quintet” and a romantic comedy “Play It Cool”.

The upcoming projects are an animated feature film and TV series “Arnie and his Friends” based on the successful book series of “technical fairy tales“ by Martin Sodomka, a puppet film and TV series “Flapper” produced in co-production with an Academy Award winning Polish puppet studio Se–Ma–For, and a short puppet film “Under the Apple Tree” by Erik van Schaaik (NL), and an animated puppet / CGI feature film “The Rottentodds” based on successful book series of “scary fairy tales” by a German author Harald Tonollo.




David produced a lot of print materials – designs, posters, presentations – and trailers, animations & project technical analysis, workflows… for variate MIRACLE FILM projects and co-production partners.



David also design and produced an Interactive puppet exhibition for stop-motion film Little from the Fish Shop /Prague 2015, Portuguese 2016…/ – you can find more about the interactive exhibition here.




  • OUR WORK: Graphic Design, Project Visual Development, Editing, Concept Art, Wood Working, Workflow & Post-Production Supervising
  • Done by: David Havel
  • CG Development: Zdeněk Havel
  • PRODUCTION DATE: 2012-2015